Your unique and personalized experience at Black Rock Inn starts when you book your stay.  You'll speak with Jeff, the Owner, and discuss how to make your visit exceptional. Whether that includes personalized wine tastings, top-notch dining, spa services, outdoor activities or just hanging out at the Inn.  Black Rock Inn has an array of services designed to satisfy your senses, rejuvenate your soul and quench your thirst for that hard to find exceptional Wine Country Experience.

Upon your arrival, you'll be greeted and shown to your Suite.  We'll assist you with getting settled and give you the lay of the land after which we will offer you a glass of the wine of the day.


Wine Tasting Excursions 

Give us the privilege of working with you to plan a perfect day of wine tasting & dining. Based on our customized interview process, we'll create an individualized day of wine tasting, at wineries you have likely never been to, that includes all your transportation, lunch in a vineyard and, if needed, arrange for dinner. 


Non-Wine Tasting Activities  

Napa Valley does not have to only be about wine.  The Valley has lots of other attractions such as: Hot Air Balloon rides, Bike rentals and tours, dozens of hiking & walking trails, Galleries & Antique shops, scenic drives and several farmers markets.


Lunches and Small Plates

Order a picnic lunch to take on your wine tasting excursions to keep you hydrated and nourished with provisions from the finest local producers.

Take a gourmet cheese plate and small snacks, packed for a day of sightseeing, with you to enjoy as you tour the Napa Valley.

Spa Services 

We are happy to assist you with scheduling treatments for Swedish, Thai, hot stone, deep tissue, prenatal, reflexology, and sports or couples massages.